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The harsh winter faded in the sprin
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The harsh winter faded in the spring breeze, and the years went far in the struggle, unconsciously and it was a year of clearing. It is time to cherish the heroic spirit of the martyrs and cherish the memory of the martyrs Cigarettes For Sale. The Qingming rains are numerous, the white flowers are for the loved ones Marlboro Cigarettes Price, and the heroes of the martyrs are remembered. Yes, let us hold a sincere heart to remember the heroic spirit and pay homage to the loyal soul. Once upon a time, in the long period of revolutionary struggle, there were many heroes and children like Huang Jiguang, Dong Cunrui, Jiang Zhuyu and Liu Hulan. For the liberation of the nation and the happiness of the people, the blood was sprinkled on the land of hometown and foreign land. Some of them are named after the ages, and some do not even know their names. But they all came together for a common goal, that is, for the cause of communism, for the rest of their lives. In order to revolutionize, the martyrs threw their heads and sprinkled blood, and they continued to succumb to the enemy. They were unyielding and unyielding in front of the enemy. They showed their heroic spirit and set a shining example for future gener freezes and the hero sleeps. Today, we can still touch the pulse of the martyrs, and still feel the frequency of the martyrs breathing. It is because of their greatness that the Chinese dragons are flying outside the Jiuyi, and the Chinese giants stand in the forest of the nation. It is because of their sacrifice that an ancient natwho have been sleeping here, for the liberation of the old China, the rain of the bullets, sprinkled the last drop of blood, with a last smile, and sacrificed your precious life! However, we know that you are definitely not disregarding life, but that you have a great communist ideal in your heart. You have thousands of hard-working people in your heart! "The worries and worries of the world before, the joy and happiness of tother generation, and it will become the unyielding and indomitable of our nation, the country's continuous prosperity, the strongest cohesiveness, and the psychological support of combat effectiveness! No matter how complicated the international environment is now, no matter how many bumps in the road ahead, and the power given by yunderstand the meaning. Now, as I grow up, I gradually understand that it is the martyr who exchanged blood and life for our happy life, in exchange for today's peace and tranquility. We are able to learn happily in a comfortable environment and grow up healthily. In this beautiful and sunny day, although we are far away from the age of smoke and fire, we may not be able to understand the hardships of that time, but we have already understood the hard-won of "happiness." We are the future and hope of the motherland and shoulder the heavy responsibility of building a new era in the motherland. Although there are also difficulties and difficulties, we will certainly learn the spirit of the unyielding spirit of the martyrs, study hard, and meet difficulties and cds like the martyrs, sprinkle blood, and build the Great Wall of the Republic with our bodies, but we have a responsibility to do our own thing: arm our minds with knowledge and study hard. The cold door is out of the ranks, and the official is governing the world. Perhaps, now you have not taken the ambition of taking the big command Cigarette Online, but you should have the idea of ??changing your own destiny and controlling your future Marlboro Red. Sbattle? Our young people in the new century will surely become qualified builders and successors with ideals, ethics, culture, discipline, courage and innovation Newport Cigarettes Coupons, so that our country will always stand in the world's national forest!gshan stands tall, green water long song, we will always remember and praise the deeds of the revolutionary martyrs, inherit the legac
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