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Understanding is a beam of sunshine
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Understanding is a beam of sunshine that illuminates the confused mind; understanding is a sea, arousing the sails of progress; understanding is a spring rain, a flower that nourishes friendship; understanding is a bright light that illuminates the direction of progress. If there is no understanding, it is like the world has no sunshine. Gorky once said: "If people don't understand each other Cheap Cigarettes, how can they learn to respect each other silently?" Understanding is the "catalyst" of interpersonal relationships. Everyone is eager to understand, but first learn to understand others.ou understand your mother??s hard work every day? Once, did you slam the door because of a severe criticism from your mother? However, do you pay attention to the increasing white hair between the mother's eyes and the increasingly prominent wrinkles on the forehead? "Mothers in the hands of the line, wandering clothes", which mother does not love their children? My mother??s words and deeds, every move, are infiltrated with love, but we can??t always see, can??t see the caring heart, can??t see the bitter tears, can??t see... Mother understands you, you can understand Her heart?ds need to understand. Each of us has our own circle of friends, but how many more are there in trouble? When your friend hurts you because of an unintentional word Cigarette Online, will you turn your face and not recognize people? When your friend alienates you because of a misunderstanding, will you communicate actively? Perhaps it is, perhaps not, to put yourself in the position, to compare your heart and mind, to misunderstand and understand more. "The same is the end of the world, people must meet each other," if you understand, do not care about the length of time; "the sea memory confidant Marlboro Red 100S, the end of the world if neighbors", if you understand Cigarettes Online, why care about the distance of space? "There is no color and phoenix flying wings, and the heart has a little bit of a glimpse", dying in the dynasty, squatting on the horizon, understanding only cares about the true heart. you understand others, others will understand you; if you understand others, you will get more understanding from others. Understanding is the foundation for maintaining friendship. Only by understanding each other can we advance together and friendship will last forever Newport 100S.standing is a kind of happiness, let us embrace and understand! Embrace understanding, we can enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine, we can have a wide sky! Embrace understanding, everyone has an understanding heart, our world will be more and more beautiful!

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