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shipping companies appears on the gulf
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The Xiao Anne's country still doesn't arrive 50 years old, claim to be the tone of old headman to let flank of the man smiled:"Xiao eldest
brother, if you old headman, my Ma Kui and deputy president not is walk
down the street will be shouted a big uncle."
3 people ha ha Landry Jones Youth Jersey cachinnation, but Wang Geng is abrupt however think of one person.Ma
Kui, at first new soldier impedimenta camp tube in Hubei took, once
served as etc. ground in Sichuan the national defense soldier base
commander, behind not knew that the reason why withdraws military rank
and file turn go into go into business.Is already the owner of five
continent ocean conveyance companies now, it is said that that the
prestige keeps pursuing new shipyard owner to wait a few local
He knows that Yang Qiu's this trip is to protect to settle a
military school to take part in to school begins ceremony, should
calculate military official business, how withdraw Ma Kui of military
rank and Lawrence Timmons Youth Jersey file also with go?Put a report on the table, say:"Deputy president,
these are all reports of northeast funeral affairs processing.Now there
already basic clean up be over, the next year begins a new year behind
the local miner can station in."
The saying this time words doesn't as usual are Wang Geng's airs
obviously, Yang Qiu also understands to let the affair that he does will
give to bring mentally to hurt much and greatly, this can compare an
old soldier comprehensive the disease is seriously many, so finish
seeing report to fill to after death guard, take out a boat ticket to
pass to him:"Pain you!Take, this is the boat ticket that spends a
holiday in Egypt.I hear that you want to be married right away, at last
advance to your gift and spend a holiday to relax."
Wang Geng once Le'Veon Bell Youth Jersey connects boat ticket, after tooking a look the desire speech is
again.Yang Qiu knows that he has words to say to he and flicks to make
everyone leave to just ask a way:"Say, what matter."
"The deputy president in fact has a lot of ways to assimilate, why
want to use the most vigorous means?I can't say, the many people will
close tightly the mouth in lifetime, but several 10-year empress total
someone cans not contain any more."
Yang Qiu never regrets to own order, but also knows a this young
military officer current mood and lets him says after sitting downs:"I
know it's a bit anxious, but I don't want to stay future trouble.Medium
Su's treaty is to sign, can this peace can believe?Say again, those
people are all really poor party supporters, this you also know.The race
of our man really own to forgive and the ability Louis Lipps Youth Jersey for assimilating, but assimilate to need time, don't don't go for 35
decades, once we within this period of time with the Soviets again take
place war, who can promise that they can't take advantage of an
opportunity internal rebellion?Besides you don't forget, Japan still
just Sakhalin and the E Huo Ci gram, true conflict they will also
instigate these people to get up to cause trouble.
You should also know, England equally did this kind of affair in the
war in the cloth Er, and still made Fei Fei satisfied whole world all
knows.So big international pressure why do they still do?Because British
knows, they have to ensure at least and be inner-controlled to make
this big gold mine in South Africa for 30 years!
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