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Yang Qiu after pickeding up peaceful treaty of medium Su at will turned over several eyes throw to beside ignore.The attitude that this kind of
describes with a delicate touch makes Cai E very strange and John Hannah Youth Jersey asks a way:"What not satisfactory?We already and add to pull rare talk
well, want ?only Al Gore the affair of the Cha gram be over, we two
soldiers put to distinctly square off of power, then both parties back
an one step to launch a peaceful negotiation, probably 9 beginning of
the months will announce peaceful treaty and do like this of words
English method even if guess, Jonathan Cooper Youth Jersey as long as have no evidence also can the mouth shout that we have no
"Always return and do to sing an opera to British and American see
of, the somebody else of province says that we abandon Paris and meeting
treaty.But Russian how don't I believe."Yang Qiu sees in advance a
label good peaceful treaty, the in the mind always feels to isn't a
taste.Although this is a treaty with northern peaceful importance that
he thought for 8 years, wait in September announce behind and want ?only
Russia for a day don't repair railroad in Siberia, oneself the ability
is safe day.But truely reach behind him always feel a bit vain, with
Stalin's temper and still have the big chauvinism and pragmatism of
Slavonic thorough marrow, this treaty estimate after several years will
be canceled.
Cai E also ha ha a smile:"I don't believe as well, however we need
this peaceful treaty."
Wang Geng is reaching Jordan Richards Youth Jersey concentration camp to do to finally prepare in the Teng of the sea
orchid bubble province.
The sea orchid steeps province at first for Russia the state of Mu
Er, built up after being official gazette in Shanghai of outside
interest Anne the Ling northeast was 6 as in the province.It is also
region's biggest Slav in the far east to come together one of the areas
here.But continuous battle fire and turbulence, make here of Russian
population have already descended to shortage Josh Kline Youth Jersey at first 400,000, the contrary Chinese immigrated proportion from
70,000 increase current 970,000, Yang Qiu still issued order on this
slice of land that is praised as eastern food Cang in Siberia and
constucted 339 super large national farms and purchased 2000 set
tractors, with the national territory that the acceleration blends these
to recover.
So original Russian population?
There is a statistics in Wang Geng Shou, about 1,500,000 cross the
big ocean to go to a world-wide locations, 3,000,000 be passed a
railroad drive send carat Si promise once second gram of Er Si with
western desolate of medium plateau in Siberia, the remaining of then in
the national defense soldier and visit cleaning up of shot brigade with
anti- clean up medium be killed or because be in need of a food to
starve, but the biggest population exterminate weapon is several large
concentration camps that are spread all over to outside cheerful Anne
Ling.So since northeast turbulence.
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