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radicle to wait person to be exterminated
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13.09.2018, 18:04 zitieren  
Have never waited he to think a way solves this problem, and then spreads white Wei the soldier withdraw big four break railroad roadbed
and all bad newses of city infrastructures in Siberia!The Moscow sits
not live, Jose Ramirez Authentic Jersey everyone knows Al Gore Cha gram back is who, so sends telegram to
request him and adds to pull rare immediately clear up true intention in
"President you."
When 2 people silently whispered, the Li dollar Hong took Ping Guo
Zhang and translation, smiling walked to come in.Add to pull rare
hurriedly start to bow to salute, then extremely and seriously say:"For
the sake of the future peace of our two countrieses, I hope that your
country cogitates a Cha gram support that wait bandit to help is to Al
Gore and moreover please to immediately stop helping they Josh Collmenter Authentic Jersey break our country the behavior of the railroad and city, all results
otherwise arousing will be undertaken by your country!"
Li dollar the Hong Be past to make surprise, twist head to see Ping
Guo Zhang that accompany his come:"China just and just are you to still
say that the troops are going on vacation?How to go to Russia?"
Ping Guo Zhang has already gradually withdrawn a front line and
mainly work at ordinary times be stay in a Nanking, act as the military
contact of Ministry of National Defense and president's mansion
member.See add to pull rare to come up and then blame, also not very
great intentionally from the Dou in take out a small book, say:"Have
no?Only northwest reports that the local bandit suffers from Josh Ravin Authentic Jersey not to feel, the brigade thermodynamic power of citizen guard shortage
request us the Ministry of National Defense to send army to help an
outside, there is all no military operation task in other places."
Two old guys act in a play over there and add to pull rare but sit
not to live.Has about 5 railroad roadbeds in kilometer Siberia be
destroyed for each hour, the big bridge is deep-fried to break, from the
leaf the card Jie Lin Nuo fortress go to the E wood Si number big city,
the several small cities, thousands of residents' area and mine aren't
destroyed by the bomb and be bombed by the big gun lousy!So he doesn't
dare to go around in circles to whet time, hasty Zhang Kou says:"Not!The
our country soldier saw with own eyes your soldier!"
"See with own eyes?"The Li dollar Hong sees his one eye:"Is the
making sure what they wear it the our country soldier that packs?Perhaps
is a volunteer?Ah!The nation is big, the population is many, the idea
is complicated, since someone join you and also affirm someone to
believe another.However you trust, to this kind of break two peaceful
affair of country our country is ten thousand Julio Teheran Authentic Jersey ten thousand can't appease, wait meeting I send the person investigates
Add to pull rare one mouthful blood to suppress inside in the
Volunteer?This kind of words also say come out!Exactly 12 armored
trains, 18210 mm long range railroad heavy artillery, 36122 mm heavy
artillery(rob Russia income), all of these things are volunteers to make
of weapon?What to have no language more BE, oneself can not also answer
criticism, the poor party really has a lot of Chinese party members in
the far east, so if true someone helps Al Gore the Cha gram is not
surprising either.
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