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Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi's house in Huaihe Qin's side, is an only door only the 2 F of the door small western building.This house bought the
next while being to at the beginning come to Nanking, because Marcus Wilson Authentic Jersey he is morally upright never money-mad, have no interest towards going
into business also, so at the beginning house buying still to opened
wife's natal home that the tailor spreads to lend money.Because grow
position by steady wealth for these several years, although money repays
fully the human feelings debt owes the next bottom, the wife is also
always loquacious to let he help arrange several personal, be regarded
as return the human feelings in those early years, but his persistence
don't open back door, so come to home to beat autumnal winds less and
less now.
"Come back."
Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi opens Matt Koch Authentic Jersey a door, the wife is knitting sweater in the in the light, the two halfs
big boy is lying prone on the table to overdo an industry, see him
hurriedly walk to once connect a pack, hug very careful put into the
bedroom to just turn round to ask a way in the bosom:"Have ever eaten?"
"That you wait, I give you the hot rice to go."
After wife walks, Zhang Wen Jing Zi You Xi pickeds up the son's last
night check to get up.All of topics are several mathematicses, the
local great majority school has no this course in Qing Dynasty, arrive
republic universal education behind make sure mathematics, physics and
chemistry, natural geography is three required courses, but because of
the amount of teachers shortage so a lot of Michael Blazek Authentic Jersey secluded regions or regard Chinese studies as principle, until the
European War English method supports tens of thousands teachers, come to
R.O.C at the end of last year of Russian refugee win and choose a
several myriad people after, just gradually perfect.
Looking at a homework, he heart bottom also very regrets.At the
beginning while serving as soldier in Hubei, he and Yue Peng 2 people's
biggest ideal is to overthrow Qing Dynasty to build up new China.The
wish has been already completed now, republic's basing has already gone
deep into a popular support for eight years, the Tai people Anne of
country calculates not up, but pass several wars to Neftali Feliz Authentic Jersey finally establish a national position, the financial order also
gradually resumes after the silver crisis, various loophole is blocked
up, educate an universality rate to start increasing, and all
everythings facing dreams move forward, but he suddenly has already
grown a tired matchless felling.
In fact he how don't like a Nanking, here be full of too many
bargains and calculate, after always arriving imitate Buddha a head of
firm entered a big cage can not get away, if not for the sake of ideal,
he rather has ever been to and stays by the side a few thin farmlands,
dynasty nine nights five carefree of day.
Wife soon is hot the meal well, and then arrive to kid to overdo an
industry inside the room, put away table to just let go of the meal but
see his facial expression not very good, hurriedly asked a way:"Was too
tired?See you this several weather colors not good, don't take a rest on
leave for two days.
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