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Although the concept of eLearning has been in existence from past several years now it has gained huge popularity quite recently. In some of
the researches conducted recently astonishing facts of eLearning have emerged.
Some research reports have shown that students pursuing eLearning training are
much more skilled and knowledgeable than their traditional counterparts. Such
outcomes of renowned research agencies have further helped the concept of
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 , throughout the world.

Every year millions of students pursue some or the other eLearning course. Realizing this,
a lot of online education service providers have mushroomed. There exists a
cluster of eLearning courses today, but few of them are preferred by most of the
students. In this article I would describe about some of the common educational
fields and most popular eLearning courses in those domains. Below is the key

1. IT courses: As per the current trend, IT field is the most preferable field to make career. Every year millions of students step into it by
pursuing a career course in various IT domains such as software development,
networking, IT security, etc. Although there are several IT courses available
over internet, yet some are comparatively more popular. Some of the popular
courses are- MCSE (Microsoft certified System Engineer) course, CompTIA
networking course, Cisco Certified Network Associate course (CCNA), etc. The
main reason for success of some of the online IT courses over other is the brand
they belong to. Courses provided by big software brands are well accepted and
entrusted and hence gain popularity.

2. Finance: Finance is yet another very tempting industry as it very rewarding and respectable. Some of the popular
finance courses are Sage IAB Training courses, ACCA accounting courses, CIMA
financial training, AAT eLearning courses, ICB training courses etc. Financial
eLearning courses are quite popular amongst the students. Although there are
several training providers, providing eLearning courses in finance yet the above
mentioned are by far the most popular. Every year thousands of students pursue
the above mentioned courses.

3. Business skills: There are several eLearning courses for enhancing business skills. However there is no big brand
providing eLearning course in this genre. The reason why I have added this
category in this article is that the a lot many people pursue an eLearning
course in this field. To put it in other words, ‘Business skills enhancement’
eLearning courses are also one of the most popular eLearning courses.

4. HR courses: Human resources is very rewarding department to make career.
Millions of students take a plunge into it, every year. There are several
companies that provide HR eLearning courses and students pick a course that
suits them the most. However, only few of the online HR courses are acknowledged
by the employers. There is no use of pursuing a career course which won’t serve
you well for clinching a decent job. Out of several HR eLearning courses the
most popular and well acknowledged HR courses are- Sage qualifications in HR.
Sage being a brand is relied for its quality of product and services. Above that
the course qualification is well acknowledged throughout the world and helps in
clinching a decent job in the HR domain.

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