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How to add new transactions in Quicken through Mobile App?
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07.09.2018, 09:41 zitieren  
To enter a new transaction on your mobile device:
1.      Tap Add icon on your iOS or Menu icon on your Android device and choose Add Transaction.
2.      Based on your location, quicken presents a list of local merchants. You can choose one of them as the payee, or enter a payee
of your own.
3.      Quicken defaults to a debit or credit card expense. If needed, you can tap Expense to record a check, add an income
transaction, or to change the account.
4.      Use the keypad to enter the transaction amount and tap Next.
5.      Assign a category, tag, and memo. To save time, you can skip these for now. You can sync and update the transaction later in
your desktop software.
6.       TapDone. The transaction is added to the account on your mobile device. The next
time you sync, it’ll sync to your desktop software.

Quicken support number? | Quicken chat support? | Quicken com support?

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14.09.2018, 11:34 zitieren  
The only thing youneed to do is to call at our toll-free number and speak with one of our
experts. Do not worry about more technical problems, let your printer works
well and in the right way.
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