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Character and mercenary/partner, 5000+ Toram Online Gold on Stock , fast delivered by Gold.raiditem
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14.06.2018, 06:22 zitieren  
In the latest update. Gold.raiditem has noticed that a mercenary refers to another players' character registered as mercenary, and you can hire and add the character in a party. Silver Elite

If a party consists of your character and mercenary/partner, the result screen after boss battles will not appear. If a party consists of your character, another real player and mercenary/partner, the mercenary/affect the result.  That's the charming of the Toram game. If you buy toram gold for gameplay, you know the mechisam.

Welcome to farm toram gold on best toram online shop - gold.raiditem which will take you both mercenary and partner are divided into "Attacker" or "Defender” type. Etheremon is a DApps game combining Blockchain and VR technology, creating a world of Mons where you can capture, train, transform and trade them with others. 

How to contact us conveniently?   Legendary Eagle Master

- Customer Support: service@raiditem.com
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