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The capital state of Meghalaya and the nominal state
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The capital state of Meghalaya and the nominal state in India-Shillong is a home to Khasis. The city is covered by rolling hills about
the town that is similar and remind of the European settlers of Scotland. Thus
it denoted as “Scotland of the East”. The town is located in the core of the
plateaus and enclosed by the three mountains: Lum
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 , Lum Diengiei and Lum Shillong. Mostly the area
consists of Khasis and also there are majority of nomads population from
different Indian state: Bengali, Nepali, Assamese, Biharis and Marwari’s that
makes the city a multi-ethic.

The most visit tourist spot in this area are: Elephant Falls, Lady Hydari Park, Wards
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 , Gleneagles of the East, Shillong Peak,
Entomological Museum and Chrysalis the Gallery. The city also boomed as an
educational center for the whole northeastern region. Here you will get the
first rate colleges and educational institutes which offer different courses in
varied subjects: Northern eastern Hill University, CMJ University, Indian
Institute of Management, National Institute of
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 , Shillong Institute of Hotel Management, English
and Foreign Language University, ST. Edmund’s College, St. Anthony’s College and
Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Science. Nongthymmai is a
township in the east Khasi Hills in Shillong and it is known as a census

The literacy rate in this town is 82% that is higher than national average literacy rate. NEHU University is the eminent one in this area. This
area also has top and best schools that are affiliated to diverse educational
boards: CBSE, ICSE,
IB Vince Carter
 , NIOS and state board of Meghalaya. Here, you will get private,
public, International, kindergarten and residential schools that offers splendid

Day-boarding schools in Nongthymmai have a sound environment and marvelous infrastructure to craft an absolute learning ambience giving
individual attention to each child .Here is perfect student teacher ratio in the
class that promotes healthy learning. These schools offer all necessary
amenities that are crucial for active learning: airy and spacious class rooms,
modern science laboratories and rich library. Teachers also impart value based
education that empowers students to face the difficulties of life. Nursery and
play school are amazing with their childhood learning programs and activities.
Kids play different games that help them to learn age-appropriate

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 , creative works, nursery rhymes and innovative play are
favorable as it assist kids to learn in a play way. St. John Whitehall School is
the one of the excellent schools that is situated in Dum Dum Nongthymmai. It was
established in 1974 by Mr. Robert Street and sited at East Khasi Hills in a
pleasing and scenic surrounding. It is an English medium and co-educational
school and offers world- class education. The school also provides boarding
facilities thus students from different parts of India come here for schooling.
Teachers nourish all area of student’s personality providing the best
combination of academics and co-curricular activities.

nt with New Zealand.

2. Secret cooperation among intelligence agencies, government and the private sector is increasing

The nine major US software and hardware providers offer core technology support to US intelligence. Microsoft, the earliest to work with the NSA, opened
its Outlook and Hotmail systems to the agency, going so far as to show
intelligence agencies how to circumvent encryption of Outlook chat messages
before the product was officially launched.
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 , which used to claim that its encryption technology and P2P
system could prevent governments from eavesdropping, offered a "backdoor” to the
NSA after being bought by Microsoft. Microsoft also worked with US intelligence
to help crack the security systems of major companies in order to keep a watch
on their customers. It also informed intelligence agencies before publishing
details of bugs, so as to give them the opportunity to launch remote attacks.

3. Ramping up the range and depth of surveillance through big-data processing capabilities

The Obama administration made big data strategy a national priority in March 2012. It argued that "big data is the new oil”, and that domination and control
of data would become a national core capacity, alongside land, sea and air
power. The PRISM project is closely associated with big data. The NSA also has a
system codenamed Boundless
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 , which collects 97 billion Internet data records during each
30-day period and can track anyone's activity in real time and match it against
credit card records and other communications.

4. US intelligence is seeking legal loopholes to overcome legal restraints and take full control of Internet information

The United States used presidential decrees to authorize additional information collection in the wake of the 911 terrorist attacks. On October 4,
2001, President George W. Bush signed a memorandum to authorize specific
surveillance actions over a limited period. Since then, "domestic collection” -
that is, gathering information from US citizens and people inside the United
States - has become a controversial topic. But although debates have
subsequently arisen concerning the legitimacy, scope and legal basis of
presidential executive
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 , the White House, NSA, FBI, and the Department of Defense have
reached a consensus on the legality of gathering information on foreign targets.

On May 24, 2006, the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court completely redefined the interpretation of Section 215 of the Patriot
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 , allowing the FBI and the NSA to share "business
records" relevant to terrorist attacks, including the calls databases of
telephone companies. Since then, the US government has demanded data from major
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